It is no secret that Harstad is a dream destination for all things adventurous. A quick ride away from the centre of the city will bring you a plethora of beaches and islands, many of which are perfect for a quick kayaking trip. On this paddling tour, your guide will decide the best path depending on the weather and wind conditions of the day. Before setting off, you will need to change into a dry suit to keep you warm in the freezing north sea. The guide will provide you with a short introduction to kayaking, as well as safety briefing after which the adventure begins. You will explore the waters for about an hour before pulling up at one of the gorgeous beaches surrounding you. There, you can go on a lovely beach hike and take a break where you can enjoy a hearty meal and engaging conversations. Once you complete your meal and recharge, you will begin the trip back to the starting point, calling an end to an exciting day.



Price: 1200NOK

Duration: 4 Hours



  • Kayak (single or double, with a half carbon oar)
  • Dry-Suit
  • Splash cover
  • Safetywest
  • Shoes, gloves and hood
  • Waterproof bag for storage